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Wembley Ware Owl TV Lamp Base

Novelty lamp bases can be found in our amazing House of Treasures from time to time

Wembley Ware Owl TV Lamp Base

owl figure have numerous advantages, according to John Thomson, author of the excellent reference Calyx, Wembley Warn and Bristile China: ‘Both of these were sold as television lamps,’ he notes. ‘The dhufish, which stood mouth open on its tail, came in several sizes… and could also be used as a vase. Only one large size of owl was produced. It could be adapted to a novelty ornament by placing a small light inside its hollow body. This caused the amber and black glass eyes to glow menacingly.. The owl is listed in some Wembley Ware catalogues as a garden ornament when not sold as a lampstand.’ The dhufish lamp is marked Wembley Ware. whereas the owl lamp is marked Brisbane & Wunderlich. Both are electrically approved for use.

The factory also produced larger figures specifically to be used a garden ornaments, and these are now amongst the most sought after of Wembley ware. Besides the owl, this collection includes the magpie, kookaburra, eagle, frog and koala; Paul Bisby puts a value of between $1000 and $3000 on each of these ornaments, depending on condition.”

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